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Evans Drum Heads

Browse a massive range of Evans drum heads available at Drum Central. Next day delivery available and free delivery on orders £100.

Part of the D'Addario percussion line, Evans provide an extensive range of the highest quality drum heads for snare, bass drum, toms, timpani, marching snare, congas, bongos and timbale. Famed for their efficiency and durability in a live setting, as well as their sound quality and tonal response in a studio setting, they are one of the leading brands of drum heads amongst drummers today.

Standard drum skins in their range include the G1 and G2 which compare to the Remo Ambassador and Remo Emperor respectively, both available as clear and coated heads. The G2 range is the most popular of Evans products, particularly on toms. Featuring a 2ply head, these skins are known for their durability as well as their high level of attack and short sustain, making them easy to use and tune in most musical settings.

Another popular drum head in the Evans arsenal is the EMAD2, using their trademarked unparalleled Externally Mounted Adjustable Dampening (EMAD) allowing the drummer to adjust attack and focus without having to remove the drum skin. This is the 2ply version of this drum head, with enhanced durability and attack.

Other products include the Calftone, Hydraulic, Genera Dry and Hybrid Coated heads.