• Ludwig Atlas Standard Bass Drum Pedal


    The Ludwig Atlas Standard Single Bass Pedal features the new 'Speedster' pedal board. This lightweight, aluminium board offers great control. The angle of the footboard and the height of the beater ar...

  • Ludwig Atlas Standard Hardware Pack


    For the Gigging Professional Medium/heavy-weight stands with all the functionality needed for medium-to-large venues Not every gig calls for the heaviest-duty hardware. For most gigging-profession...

  • Ludwig Atlas Standard Hi-Hat Stand


    The Ludwig Atlas Standard Hi-Hat Stand features the new 'Speedster' footboard. This helps to make the  transition between opening and closing your Hi-Hats smooth and controlled. This durable and reli...

    Estimated delivery by 24/05/2022
  • Ludwig Atlas Standard Snare Stand


    The Ludwig Atlas Standard Snare Stand features a ball socket tilter mechanism that allows you to angle your snare stand perfectly. It also has telescopic height adjustment that allows you to position...

    Estimated delivery by 24/05/2022
  • Ludwig Atlas Standard Straight Cymbal Stand


    The Ludwig Atlas Standard Straight Cymbal Stand features an Aero Gearless Tilter that allows you to position your cymbal at the perfect angle to suit your style. This strong and reliable stand feature...

    Estimated delivery by 24/05/2022
  • Ludwig Atlas Arch Bass Drum Rail Mount


    The A.T.L.A.S. Arch Enhance your sound with limitless mounting placement in a timeless classic design. Old School Style, Cutting-Edge Performance A modern take on the classic rail consolette mo...

  • Ludwig Atlas Classic Round Throne


    Classic Drum Throne - Round Featuring the theme of the original two-tone Atlas Hardware sticker, Atlas thrones come in Classic (blue/olive) colored vinyl with embroidered "block" logo. The seat's thi...

  • Ludwig Atlas Classic Saddle Throne


    Atlas Classic vintage style Blue/Olive Vinyl Seat Height Adjustable Locking Spindle High Density Foam Cushion Double Braced Embroidered Logo...

  • Ludwig Atlas Pro Hi-Hat Stand


    Pro LAP16HH A new, highly-advanced approach to playing stability has arrived. The Atlas Pro Hi-Hat's state-of-the art features allow it to perform with rock-solid reliance, eliminating annoying movem...

  • Ludwig Atlas Pro II Pillar Clutch Snare Stand


    A radical new approach to suspending snares and toms, the new Atlas Pro snare stand's retractable, detachable basket -the Pillar Clutch- is the mounting solution every pro drummer has been waiting for...

  • Ludwig Atlas Pro Snare Stand


    Pro LAP22SS Fully adjustable Snare Basket Clutch Mechanism: Designed for optimum performance and strength with any drum. Aerodyne Tilter: A gearless, dual-axis rotating positioning system that easil...

  • Ludwig Atlas Pro Straight Cymbal Stand


    In a sea of cymbal stands that all look and function the same, Atlas presents a refined "Modern-Classic" design, with the features and reliability to match its striking good looks. Atlas Pro cymbal st...