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Pearl Masters Maple Reserve

Take your drumming to the next level with the Pearl Masters Maple Reserve drum kit at Drum Central, the home of drummers. With free shipping and UK wide delivery.

Pearl are without doubt one of the biggest names in drums and offer a huge range of drum kits, shell packs, and hardware, including snare stands, hi hat stands, cymbal stands and an impressive range of kick pedals.

Pearl are known for their incredible range of professional drum kits, including the Pearl Session Studio Select and the Pearl Decade Maple, and the incredible Pearl Masters Maple Complete and Pearl Masters Maple Reserve.

Masters Maple Reserve drums deliver a balanced tonal combination of powerful midrange and smooth resonant shimmer. Featuring their original Masters Series Maple drum shell formula, Pearl uses only North American Maple veneers from our Masterworks supply vault to give Masters Maple Reserve a sophisticated, vintage flavour. All Masters drums use Pearl's proprietary 38-step lacquering process for refined looks and a singular, distinctive player experience.

Pearl Masters Maple Reserve kits feature 4-Ply maple shells with 4-ply maple reinforcement rings. This classic drum shell fusion of these drums increases stability and tonal control, delivering rich, sustained lows and lively sonic punch. A precise, low contact 45° bearing edge that adds projection and resonance to mid-toned shells. Complete with chrome hardware and aluminium OptiMount Suspension System Tom Mounts providing ultimate stability, whilst allowing the drum to resonate fully without restriction.

Complete this stunning drum kit with a Pearl SensiTone or Modern Utility snare drum.