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Belgian company Stagg are the musical jack of all trades. Their company motto of “Gets you playing?” perfectly sums up the ethos of their products. If it exists, you can almost guarantee that they offer an entry level version of it. Stagg introduced cymbals into their wide arsenal of products back in 2001, offering B20 bronze hand-hammered cymbals at shockingly attractive prices and have been impressing ever since.

Stagg DH (double-hammered) cymbals are handmade and hand-lathed by craftsmen in China. Made from B20 bronze these cymbals have a wonderful warm and brilliant sound and mix well with cymbals from other brands. Each cymbal is hand lathed and hammered giving each cymbal a unique sound. These cymbals go through the same hand-hammering process as the SH (single-hammered) series but go through the process twice, giving them a wider range of complex overtones.

Stagg DH cymbals possess dynamic overtones, optimal projection and individual character, making them a fantastic choice for drummers looking for interesting hand-hammered cymbals that don’t break the bank. This range is also available in Traditional or Brilliant finish.

  • Stagg DH Medium Splash Cymbal 11″


    The Stagg DH 11" Medium Splash is a dual hammered, bright sounding splash cymbal in a regular finish. It offers a fantastic, bright, washy sound. It produces high end frequencies that make this cymbal...

    Estimated Delivery Date 03/05/2024