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Vic Firth Drumsticks are the biggest selling drum sticks world wide. What is now the leading name in drumsticks was created out of necessity rather than design. When full time percussionist Vic Firth was in need of a higher quality of stick for some music he was playing, dissatisfied with the choices out there, he took it upon himself to whittle his own. These early designs were sent to a professional mill to be recreated and would go onto become the SD1 and SD2 that we know these days. Although the sticks were originally designed only for his own use, they became so popular with his students that Vic Firth eventually began to sell them.

The Vic Firth American Classic line combines tradition and Vic Firth style. With bold designs, the Classics are turned from select hickory — a dense wood with little flex for a more pronounced sound. Hickory is also capable of withstanding a great deal of shock, making it highly durable. The American Classic Nylon range features a tear drop nylon tip for articulate, bright cymbal sounds.

The Vic Firth American Classic Nylon range includes some of the most popular sizes for drummers and is the starting point for many drummers trying their first sticks. 5A is generally accepted as the ‘normal’ size (if such a thing exists) while 7As are little bit thinner and lighter and 5Bs a little bit heavier and thicker.