Mapex Mars Smokewood Big Beat Drum Kit – SHELL PACK

Mapex Mars Smokewood Big Beat Drum Kit – SHELL PACK


Drum Centrals Thoughts and Comments It’s been a wait, but we’ve finally had the Mars landing! These kits are incredible, 100% birch shells, SoniClear bearing edges. Mapex are back on top with unique looking, great sounding set of tubs. A 14×6.5 snare and “out of this world” singing toms and thrusting bass drum will, in my opinion will be the new standard to which ALL other drum companies will have step up to at this kind of price point. Please note NO Hardware or Cymbals included in this deal.

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Mapex Mars Smokewood Big Beat Drum Kit – SHELL PACK

The Mars Series Big Beat kit features 1 up (12×8) and 1 down (16×16) tom set-up that keeps all the drums within easy reach while the 24×16 bass drum produces a powerful, yet naturally equalized tone. Straight from the Saturn IV Series, the SONIClear™ Suspension System on the rack toms increases overall resonance by preserving vibration in the drumheads and shell and preventing energy transfer to the hardware.

The Insulated Bass Drum Claws include rubber gaskets that protect the hoop from damage and prevent rattling or buzzing during periods of extended play. The 100% Birch 6-Ply Shells produce great focus, allowing the drums to speak quickly and project clearly. Rack toms have a punchy brightness while the lower frequencies of the bass drum and floor toms are supported with enhanced punch and body.

The Matching Snare Drum gives a unified look to the set while providing a solid fundamental crack. Its 14″ x 6.5″ size provides great tuning and musical versatility. A Single Tom Arm and Clamp for mounting the rack tom from a cymbal stand are standard on the 446 shell packs.

  • 24x16in Bass Drum
  • 12x8in Tom
  • 16x16in Floor Tom
  • 14×6.5in Snare Drum

Please note: NO Hardware or Cymbals included in this pack.


Estimated delivery by 01/10/2019


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The DC guys really know their stuff. Best drum store in Scotland. Will be back!

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Thanks again drum central! Always great service and quick delivery.

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