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Hand Percussion

Hand Percussion

Hand Percussion

Great value hand percussion such as tambourines, shakers, castanets and maracas at Drum Central. For professionals or beginners. We have a huge range!

Percussion made to be played by hand on its own rather than as part of a drum kit. Great for ensembles and bands or adding that additional texture to a recording session.

We have tambourines for every budget. Simple wood with steel jingles tambourines for beginners and hard wearing plastic with brass jingles for the more discerning customer.

With cajons having become such a popular percussion option, there is now a load of great options made specifically to play alongside your cajon such as the Meinl jingle tap (also available as a knee tap)

LP twist shakers are our best selling hand percussion due to the flexibility they offer at a relatively cheap price range. Their unique design allows them to be taken apart and played as two separate shakers or joined together as one larger one. They come in three different volumes (soft, medium, loud) and can be combined together to blend sounds. You can even buy individual versions of it purely for expanding your existing shaker – also available as  (soft, medium, and loud) versions.

LP Finger shot shakers are an interesting product. Shakers designed to attach to your fingers, they are muted on one side so that they only make a sound on your downward stroke and not as you lift. This makes them great for using along side other hand percussion such as djembes and cajons. With Finger Shots you can effectively accompany yourself with a shaker.