Cozydrum Drum Rods. British made drums rods with a full range of different sizes and wood types. Prices start from £15. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Cozydrum seek to offer a wider range of choice for drummers looking for drum rods. Previously rods were only available made from one kind of wood and only a few choices in size but Cozydrum have created a whole host of options.

With a choice of bamboo or birch to and a variety of different sizes drummers can choose the rod that feels best in their hand and creates exactly the sound they want when colliding with the drum.

Each pair of Cozydrum Rods are individually and handmade in the U.K. which offers an attention to detail that other brands can't match. This gives you the confidence that every single pair of their rods will feel and play, just as good as the last pair.

As well as offering a wider range of choice to drummers Cozydrum rods are significantly cheaper than bigger name brand rods. If you are a regular rod player then it may be worth your while to try out some Cozydrum drum rods, as making the switch might save you a lot of money over the years.

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