Authentic Djembes to browse at Drum Central. Suitable for beginners and professionals. Djembes from the Ivory Coast and beyond. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Djembes are the quintessential african drum with a distinctive sound that is recognisable the moment you hear it. A quality djembe should respond with a warmth and tonality worthy of the years of tradition behind these instruments. At Drum Central we only stock instruments that live up to our own high standards so you can be confident shopping with us.

Starting at just £79.99, Toca djembes are a great way to get started. They are lightweight, making them easier for young legs to hold onto and come in a variety of different finishes.

For the pros, we stock Kambala djembes which are made in the Ivory Coast for a truly authentic sound. We generally recommend the standard model but for the more experienced player there is a pro option, which features more detailed carving and the highest possible levels of craftsmanship. Both models are made from Iroca wood and feature goat skin heads. Pre-stretched tension rope ensures that your drum holds it’s tuning for as long as possible. They come in a range of sizes from 9″ to 14″ giving you a huge choice of tones.