Cymbal Cases

Cymbal cases and bags from Protection Racket, Hardcase and more. Prices from as low as £38.99. We offer great value with fast delivery.

Your cymbal set can quickly become the most expensive part of your gear so it makes sense to take care of them when you move them or store them. We have a range of options for you to browse at Drum Central.

Protection Racket are the leading name in soft cases for drums and their cymbal bags don’t disappoint. Every drum central staff member uses one of their Deluxe Cymbal Bags to carry their own gear. Protection Racket do have a cheaper option though. Their standard cymbal bag doesn’t have the same fur lined cymbal dividers or the same capacity but they are still  hard wearing and trustworthy cymbal cases at a tempting price.

Hardcase Cymbal cases provide the utmost in protection for your cymbals with a hard plastic shell that can take the roughest of treatment. They also have the added benefit of wheels and the a luggage handle that lets you pull it behind you. Drummers with a huge range of cymbals might find this suits them best as it can be a lot of weight to carry on your back.

Stagg ‘s cymbal bags are similar to Protection Racket’s Deluxe offering in design with it’s front pocket for hi hats and built in cymbal dividers but due to having slightly cheaper materials it’s price is closer to Protection Rackets budget option, which makes them a tempting option.