Hardware and Pedal Cases

Hardware and Pedal Cases

Hardware and pedal cases from all top brands including Ahead, Protection Racket, Hardcase and more. We offer great value with fast delivery.

Hardware is without a doubt the most back breaking and irritating equipment to move more a drummer. The sooner you get those stands packed into a hardware case with wheels the better. Trust me.

We have a full range of hardware and pedal cases to suit any drummer.

Most brands offer two sizes of hardware case. Both are capable of taking the normal hardware of a standard drum kit but a little bit more disassembly is required for the smaller ones. Most drummers make their choice based on the size of vehicle they are transporting it with although if you play with a monster kit you’re going to need the bigger sizes!

The Ahead and Protection Racket cases are reinforced bags, easy enough to move around and as hardwearing as bags come. The Hardcase range are plastic shells that give you an extra level of reassurance. These are perfect when you know your hardware will be thrown in the back of vans or a plane.

The Stagg Hardware case is similar in style to the Protection Racket and Ahead cases but is made from slightly cheaper materials. Despite this, it is still hardwearing and comes in at quite a tempting price.