Huge range of tambourines from top brands such as LP, Rhythm Tech, Meinl and Keo. Prices from £9.99. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Despite often being scorned as the instrument you pass the guy who can’t play anything (Thanks Bez), proper tambourine playing is an art form mastered by relatively few. Often over looked as a serious instrument listen closely to most of your favourite rock and pop records and you might realise they feature more prominently than most hi hats.

We have every type of tambourine you could imagine. From hand held ones to drum kit mounted ones to tambourines designed for the hi hat. We have some you strap to your foot and others you strap to your thigh.

A Drum Central favourite is the LP Click Hats. What looks like a simple hi hat tambourine comes equipped with a clever “click” mechanism which allows you to turn on and off the jingles so quickly you could do it during a song. In addition to this the plastic on these tambourines is so durable you can play directly on it with your stick without causing damage. This is certainly not true of all hi hat tambourines.