Bass Drum Heads

Bass Drum Heads

Massive selection of bass drum heads or skins for all types and sizes of drums. Top brands such as Remo and Evans. All types and finishes in stock. We offer great value and fast delivery.

The bass drum head you choose can have a massive bearing on how your bass drum ultimately sounds.

Remo are the leading name in drum heads. Their Powerstroke P3 heads are popular favourites amongst many drummers for their bass drums. However they are not unrivalled.

Evans have developed a huge loyal following of drummers who trust in their level 360 technology to provide an easier and more accurate tuning across the drum. Their Emad kick drum heads with built in dampening rings are so highly recommended they are used by every member of staff at Drum Central! (It’s about the only thing we all agree on)

Code are a UK based drum heads company that aim to produce quality drum heads that can rival the leading brands, at a fraction of the price. Their Blast kick drum heads are similar to a Remo Powerstroke.