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Electronic drum amps are a great way to hear your electronic drum kit out loud without the need of headphones. Although you can plug your electric drum kit into any speaker system with the correct inputs only an actual drum amp has the correct frequency range to provide the crisp high frequencies needed for cymbals and the low thump needed for a bass drum sound.

  • Carlsbro EDA30B – Bluetooth Drum Amplifier


    The new EDA30B powered monitor speaker combines our vast amplifier expertise with our electronic drum experience, to give you a monitor speaker that will sound great whatever you are playing no matter...

    Estimated Delivery Date 09/08/2024
  • Carlsbro EDA50 – Drum Amplifier


    We're always on the look out for a great amp for digital drums and this Carlsbro EDA50is just that, ideal for individual practice. Today’s digital drum technology creates multiple tones at a very br...

    Estimated Delivery Date 26/07/2024
  • Yamaha MS45DR Monitor System For Electronic Drums


    The MS45DR is a 2.1-channel electronic drum monitor system for home use. This simple and compact unit is specially-designed to authentically reproduce dynamic drum sounds and allows you to enjoy super...

    Estimated Delivery Date 26/07/2024