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Electronic Drum Kits

Electronic Drum Kits

Browse our full selection of the latest electronic drum kits and pads. Full kits available from only £229. Top brands including Yamaha and Carlsbro

Electronic drum kits have came on along way in the last few years. As such Electric kits are now a serious consideration for drummers playing live and as practise kits. You can easily control what volume you play at with electronic drum kits and they wont dominate your living space. This makes them popular in households not designed to have a  full size drum kit. With Electronic kits you tend to get what you pay for with the more expensive kits feeling more and more like the real thing. The silicone gel pad of the Yamaha DTX 522 kit is the best in the business in our opinion.

For a beginner electronic drum kit that has everything you need to play straight out the box the Carlsbro CSD130 is our recommended choice. With a comparatively low price for an all in one package and a fold away design that doesn’t take up too much space its a great option. It’s bigger brother the CSD130M comes with a mesh head on the snare drum which lowers stick volume and makes for slightly more realistic feel. If you want all mesh heads on your kit then consider the CSD500.

Yamaha Electronic drum kits are the ideal option for drummers who’s focus is sound quality. Yamaha are known for their expertise in both the acoustic drum kit world and the technology world so they are uniquely placed to combine those skills into stunning kits. The ability to sample their own real acoustic kits gives Yamaha an edge over other manufacturers. You really need to hear the DTX range to believe how realistic these kits sound.