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Drum Keys

Drum Keys

Drum Keys

Drum Keys suitable for all modern drums. Prices from £2.99 from brands such as Gibraltar, Meinl, Pearl and Evans. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Drum keys are the essential tool of drums. If something on your kit can’t be adjusted by a drum key then the likelihood is you’re not meant to touch it. Not just for tuning, keys are needed for all kinds of adjustments on stands and hardware. Every drummer should own at least one. Probably more than one since they are constantly getting lost and found again.

The standard drum key we recommend is the Gibraltar one at only £2.99. Cheap and cheerful and does the job.

Both Pearl and Meinl offer multi tool options that give you every tool you might suddenly find yourself needing when out on a gig. It’s rare that something that doesn’t take a standard key needs adjusted at a show but for those times when something goes wrong, these multi tools have you prepared.

Other keys come with quirky features such as the Evans magnetic key which clings onto tension rods as you loosen them or the Wincent bottle opener drum key which arms you with arguably the two most important tools a drummer needs on a gig.