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Shell Packs

Shell Packs

Shell Packs from all of the leading brands including Mapex, Pearl, Ludwig British Drum Company, Gretsch and more. Perfect for beginners or professional drummers. Prices starting at £370. We offer great value with fast delivery.

For drummers who already own hardware or would like to purchase it separately shell packs are a cost effective way of buying only the drums you need. Most drummers shopping for high end drum kits will already own cymbal stands, kick pedals and a throne. For this reason most high end kits are offered exclusively in this form.

Low cost travel kits like the Pearl Midtown or Ludwig Breakbeats offer drummers a cost effective and fun way to shrink down your setup without compromising on sound. This makes them great for small stages and pub gigs! The Imp from British Drum Company is another high quality option but it comes in at the other end of the price scale.

Drummers looking to make that once in a life time purchase of something a bit special might be drawn towards a high end beauty like the British Drum Company Legend Series. It’s cold pressed birch shells and finish matched reinforcement rings make for a great sounding and truly beautiful kit.