We have a massive range of percussion at Drum Central. Cajons, djembes, cowbells, tambourines, shakers and more. With free delivery over £100

With extensive ranges of Latin Percussion, Hand Percussion, Drum Kit Percussion, Cajons, Djembes, and Cowbells we have every type of percussion you could imagine. From low cost toys suitable to introduce children to music. To sophisticated instruments designed to give professionals exactly the sound they want. We’ve got it covered.

Cajons have become so popular these days that its almost become a must have for every kit drummer. Originally a traditional Peruvian instrument made from the boxes used for storing fish on fishing boats, flamenco artists added snare wires to make the cajon we know these days.

Cowbells have been a popular addition to drum kits for many years now. A relatively cheap way to widen your sonic palette with plenty of flexible mounting options that will work with any kit.

Djembe’s are the quintessential african drum with a distinctive sound that is recognisable the moment you hear it. Starting at just £79.99, Toca djembes are a great way to get started.  For the pros we stock Kambala djembes which are made in the Ivory Coast for a truly authentic sound.

Drum kit percussion, including jam blocks, drum set tambourines and Meinl ching rings are a great way to add to the possibilities of your kit without breaking the bank. For something a bit weird for your next project, why not try out a Flex-a-tone!