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Hardware Packs

Hardware Packs

Hardware Packs

Hardware packs for drums. From all leading brands, including Yamaha, Mapex, Gibraltar and Pearl. We offer great value with fast delivery.

Hardware packs are an all in one solution to upgrade or add all the basic hardware you need to a drum kit. Normally consisting of a hi-hat stand a snare stand two cymbal stands and on some occasions a kick pedal. Buying hardware in a pack like this is cost effective way to upgrade your stands as it is often cheaper than buying all the stands individually.

Yamaha’s Crosstown Hardware pack is an exciting new product. Super lightweight and collapsible imagine being able to get all your stands into one tidy little bag and it weighs less than your snare drum! You really have to feel how light it is to believe it. Despite it’s lightweight feel it loses very little solidity and can be relied upon for gigging drummers.

The Gibraltar 8700 hardware packs are designed with flat bases which give them a vintage look. Great for those looking to replace the stands on vintage drum kits. Combine the classic style of vintage kits with the reliability of modern hardware.

For a solid all round pack that won’t break the bank, we recommend the Mapex, Mars 600 hardware pack which comes with a kick pedal.