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Drumsticks from the leading brands including Vic FirthProMark and Vater. Sticks made from hickorymaple and oak with both nylon and wood tips.

Choosing drum sticks is a very personal choice and you rarely find two drummers who agree on which is exactly the best stick. By far the most popular stick is the Vic Firth 5A. This is because its medium size and weight makes it the ideal stick for beginners who haven’t yet developed a taste. Many drummers choose never to move away from 5A. For those looking for something a bit lighter then the 7A is a good choice and for something heavier, the 5B or the super chunky 2B brings the power!

Vic Firth is by no means the only choice with Vater and ProMark both offering their own versions of these sizes as well as their own exciting ranges like the super durable and cool looking Firegrain sticks.

Different woods give different feels oak sticks are heavier and harder than hickory sticks and give more feedback through the stick while playing which sone drummers love (and others hate). Maple sticks are generally lighter than their hickory counterparts which make them great for faster playing.