ProMark invented the original drum rod, Hot Rods, as a way of bridging the gap between brushes and sticks and they have gone on to become a household name and an essential part of many drummers stick bags. Sometimes brushes are just too quiet but sticks are too loud. This is when rods come in. Much like drum sticks Hot Rods now come in a variety of sizes with Cool Rods providing a lighter option much like a 7A drum stick and and Thunder Rods providing a heavier option more like a 5B.

These days ProMark aren’t the only manufacturers of Drum Rods. We are happy to stock Cozy Drum’s own range of rods, pro customs and rockers . Not just a cheaper option than the ProMark rods, Cozy Rods also offer a huge range of rods in different configurations and made from different woods for the more discerning rod player. Kuppmen Carbon Fiber Drum Rods are nearly indestructible and as drum rods have a natural give there’s no fear of damaging cymbals (an accusation often levelled at carbon fibre drum sticks).