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Hi-Hat Stands

Hi-Hat Stands

Hi-Hat Stands

Full range of great quality hi-hat stands at Drum Central. All the top brands including Mapex, Pearl, Gretsch and Yamaha. We offer great value with fast delivery.

The only part of your kit that you play with both your hands and foot, the correct hi-hat stand is essential for a comfortable and great sounding playing experience.

At the lower end of hi-hat stands the focus is purely on the stands ability to hold up the hi-hat cymbals without falling over but at the higher end, its all about control and accuracy. Hi-hat foot control is essential to bring out the subtleties and dynamics in a really top drum performance.

The cheapest hi-hat stand that we offer is the Mapex Tornado at only £25. A no thrills but reliable hi-hat stand that gets you playing. The Mapex Mars 600 and Pearl 800 series hi hat stands are more sturdy and can be relied upon to survive through a tough gigging schedule. If you want complete control though we recommend the Pearl 930 with it’s fully adjustable spring tension action.

Gibraltar offer an interesting option for those going for the vintage look. The flat based design of their 8700 series has the look of days gone by but the reliability of the modern age.

An exciting new product the Yamaha Crosstown Hardware Pack is an entire hardware pack that weighs less than your average snare drum whilst still being sturdy enough for a pro gig.

  • DW 5000 Series Hi Hat Stand Extra Long

    An extended footboard and a heavy-duty build provide a smooth and robust stand for your hi-hats. The DW Drums 5000XF Series Extended Footboard Hi-Hat Stand features hinged memory locks and a latera...

    £249.00 Estimated delivery by 26/10/2020
  • DW 5000 Series Hi Hat Stand With Extra Long Footplate

    Radius rod for cymbal angle setting
    Ball bearing Delta hinge
    Single braced tripod legs
    DWSM379 Hi-hat clutch with safety screw
    Folding footboard
    Memory clamps

    £249.00 Estimated delivery by 26/10/2020
  • Mapex Mars 600 Series Hi Hat Stand

    Direct Pull Chain-Drive
    Variable Tension Adjustment
    Concave Double-Braced Leg Shape with Slip-Proof Rubber Feet & Retractable Floor Spikes
    Mars Har...

    £69.99 Estimated delivery by 26/10/2020
  • Mapex Tornado Budget Hi Hat Stand

    Tornado by Mapex is a stunningly high quality and reliable budget range of drum kits and hardware. American drum makers Mapex have steadily been building a name for themselves as makers of the high...

    £30.99 Estimated delivery by 26/10/2020
  • Pearl H-1030 Hi Hat Stand

    Boasting the same sturdy tubing and tier joints as Pearl’s 930 Series stands, the new double-braced H1030 Series Hi-Hat stand is now available as a counterpart to Pearl’s new Eliminator: Solo b...

    £131.98 Estimated delivery by 26/10/2020
  • Pearl H-150S Flat Base Hi Hat Stand

    £129.00 Estimated delivery by 26/10/2020
  • Pearl H-830 Hi-Hat Stand

    Pearl H-830 Hi-Hat Stand
    When it comes to entry-level hardware Pearl’s H-830 Hi-Hat Stand leads the pack in quality and value. The H-830 hi-hat features double braced legs for exception...

    £79.59 Estimated delivery by 26/10/2020
  • Pearl H-930 Hi Hat Stand

    The Demonater Hi Hat Stand Features Demon Drive-style footboard Three legs which can swivel allowing for double pedal or a more refined set up Soft Rubber feet Ultragrip Wingnuts Spring adjustment ...

    £120.69 Estimated delivery by 26/10/2020
  • Tama HH315D Speed Cobra 310 Hi-Hat Stand

    The Speed Cobra 315 hi-hat stand offers functionality and stability reminiscent of the highly regarded Speed Cobra 915 hi-hat stand. It features dual-leg construction, uncommon at this price range,...

    £108.00 Estimated delivery by 26/10/2020
  • Tama HH915D Speed Cobra Hi-Hat Stand

    The HH915D features the same long footboard as our Speed Cobra Bass Drum Pedal. Its core design is based on the Iron Cobra Hi-Hat Stand, widely recognized as one of the best performing hi-hat stand...

    £242.00 Estimated delivery by 26/10/2020
  • Tama HHDS1 Dyna-Sync Hi-Hat Stand

    The HHDS1 Dyna-Sync Hi-Hat Stand features the same length footboard and dual linkage connection as the Dyna-Sync bass drum pedal, providing unparalleled feel with extreme accuracy. The newly develo...

    £298.00 Estimated delivery by 26/10/2020
  • Yamaha HHS3 Crosstown Ligtweight Hi Hat Stand

    Lightweight Hi-Hat Stand

    HHS3 Advanced Lightweight Hi Hat Stand is a solution that recognises that drummers need simplicity, rock-solid stability and natural cymbal sound.

    £94.99 Estimated delivery by 26/10/2020