Bass Drum Patches

Bass Drum Patches

Bass Drum Patches from Evans and Remo. We’ve got patches for single bass drums and double bass drums. Prices from £6.25. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Bass drums are unique in the fact that unlike other heads they are repeatedly struck in exactly the same place. This means that they can wear out faster than other heads as dents or holes can appear at the contact point. When you consider the hammering that most bass drums take it’s not a surprise that many drummers choose to protect these weak points with patches.

Both Evans and Remo offer their own version of kick drum patches Evans calling it an EQ patch while Remo call it a Falam Slam. Evans EQ patches come in two materials black nylon and clear plastic which. The latter of which adds more click and high end with nylon one being a little bit softer and warmer. Falam Slam patches are made with Kevlar and are extremely tough wearing and can have a pleasing affect on the attack of the drum.

All patches come with an adhesive back for easy fitting to any bass drum head. Single patches come as a 2 pack while double patches for double kick drum pedals come as individuals.