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Browse our wide range of brushes for drummers from brands such as Regal Tip, Vater, Vic Firth, Flix and more. Next day delivery available.

Every drummer is likely to need a set of brushes at some point in their career and we’ve got a massive range for you to choose from.

Most people immediately think of jazz drumming when they think of brushes. However they are so versatile that they have found a home in many genres. Country, blues and even rock and pop drummers regularly make use of them. A great option to replace sticks when you want to keep the noise down, they also offer a whole world of creativity with sounds that sticks can’t achieve.

Regal Tip are the market leaders when it comes to quality drum brushes. It’s fitting that Ed Thigpen has not one but 2 signature pairs (a wire pair and a nylon pair), he did literally write the book on them after all.

Steve Gadd’s Vic Firth signature pair features a unique design with wires that bend up and away from the skin for an even smoother playing experience, solving that age old problem of wires getting caught on new coated heads.

Flix brushes are a great budget option that come in three different weights, jazz, rock, or classic. Many drummers actually prefer the sound the plastic sound over their more expensive metal counterparts.