Browse the best quality drum hardware from top brands such as Pearl, Gibraltar, Yamaha and Mapex and DW. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Hardware is the catch all term we use to mean everything on a drum kit that doesn’t directly create the sounds, such as Kick Pedals, Thrones. Cymbal Stands, Clamps, Snare Stands and Bass Drum Lifters.

We have lightweight drum hardware for beginners as well as heavy duty stands built to withstand the hardest of professional tours. With hardware you tend to get what you pay for. Budget models are less sturdy and durable than their more expensive counterparts. That being said the Mapex Tornado Range is a great quality budget range. Made in the same factory as Mapex’s more high end gear it is made with the same high build quality even if the components are cheaper.

Higher quality cymbal stands such as the Pearl 830 Series or Mapex Mars 600 tend to be chunkier with double braced legs for improved stability. As you reach the top of the range gear such as the Pearl 900 series you find that you have you have more customisation options to help make it suit your individual needs.

In thrones we recommend the Custom Percussion drum throne. A reliable and comfortable drum stool that comes in a good bit cheaper than the market leaders, Roc N Soc.