We have an exquisite range of cajons from all the top ranges such as Meinl, British Drum Company, and Stagg. Cajons from £109 complete with bag! We offer great value and fast delivery.

Cajons have become so popular these days that they almost become a must have for every kit drummer. Originally a traditional Peruvian instrument made from the boxes used for storing fish on fishing boats, flamenco artists added snare wires to make the cajon we know today.

Over the last decade cajons have made the transition from latin and flamenco music into the mainstream. Cajons finally gave drummers an option to match the acoustic guitar for ease of transport and setup! Added to this, their natural tones compliment acoustic guitars where a full kit might over powered it. For this reason they are now a staple of rock and pop acoustic setups.

As an entry level cajon we highly recommend the Stagg range. These boxes are made from 100% birch (a great wood for drums) unlike many other models in this price range. Proper wood selection makes cajons sound more like a drum and less just like a box. Stagg cajons also come with a hard wearing bag which makes them phenomenal value.

For something a bit special look to the Keo cajon or even the Luxury Keo cajon. Even at first glance it’s easy to tell that the same attention to detail that goes into British Drum Co‘s drum has gone into their Keo Cajons. Just like any Keo product only the finest of materials are used, resulting in drums who’s looks are rivalled only by their sound.

A drum central favourite is the DW Cajon Pedal. A cable driven pedal that points the opposite way of the player, allowing you to play the cajon you are seated on with your foot. This pedal has an action so smooth you could be forgiven for forgetting you’re not playing a traditional kick drum.