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Drummers are adding electronics to their setup more and more these days to keep up with modern styles. When was the last time you heard a song in the charts with a realistic sounding kick or snare sound? Electronic Drum Pads and triggers can help you layer that modern electric sound into your acoustic drum sound.

  • Yamaha DTX Multi 12 Electronic Percussion Pad


    Yamaha DTX Multi 12 Electronic Percussion Pad The most powerful, all-in-one percussion pad that suits anyone from a beginner to an expert, accommodating different levels of playing, a wide variety of...

    Estimated Delivery Date 30/05/2024
  • MEINL Percussion Effects Pedal


    The MEINL Percussion FX20 Effects Pedal puts the power to add percussion at the feet of any musician. Toggle between ten pre-programmed percussion samples plus an additional ten custom samples of your...

    Estimated Delivery Date 09/06/2024