Stick Bags

Drum Stick Bags

Browse a great range of Drum Stick Bags at Drum Central. We offer great value and fast delivery.

As you grow as a drummer and your stick collection grows with you all drummers inevitably start needing a stick bag to keep everything together. Whether it’s to carry just enough spares of the same stick so that you confidently know you can make it through the night or whether it’s too hold a vast array of brushes, mallets, rods and different type of sticks to give yourself maximum flexibility of tone we’re pretty sure you’ll find a bag that works for you here.

Many sticks bags also double as drum stick holders by fastening onto the floor tom. In the case of the Ahead Stick Silo, it’s unique shape allows it to be free standing next to you for ease of access.

The Protection Racket Deluxe stick bag is a great all round drum stick bag for professional drummers and isn’t too pricey that keen amateurs are likely to enjoy it too.

For a cheaper option Vic Firth offer a stick bag that only holds two pairs of sticks.