Drum Stick Holders
Drum stick holders from top brands including Vater, Stagg, Ahead and more. Prices start at just £5.99. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Drum stick holders are a useful accessory for arranging your sticks and having the ready to grab at a moments notice. Every drummer has suffered the ignominy of dropping a stick during a performance. Don’t be caught short. Make sure yours are within easy reach.

We have a variety of stick holders available with different sizes allowing for different numbers of sticks. The Vater designs are the most flexible and are the ones we would recommend as they can be clamped almost anywhere and tilted to the angle you prefer. The Stagg stick holders are a little simpler in design and have a less reliable clamp mechanism but are a fraction of the price of the others.

The Ahead stick silo bridges the gap between drum stick holder and drum stick case. Its triangular prism shape allows it to sit next to you on the floor or open it up and attach it to your floor tom. When your finished close it all up and it functions as a stick bag.

Not strictly a drum stick holder, British Drum Co’s Joe’s Butler attaches like a stick holder but holds your other essential items… like your beer, your phone, your wallet.