Practice Pads

Practice Pads

Practice pads for drums from £9.99. From all the top brands including Gretsch, Pearl, Keo, Ahead and many more. We offer great value and fast delivery.

All drummers should own a practice pad. It’s as simple as that. For that reason, almost every drum company sells their own version of a practice pad. A great early purchase to make as soon as you’ve got your first set of sticks. There’s no better way to work on your technique and those all important rudiments than to sit in front of a practise pad every day. Even if you have a drum kit at home that you can work on, trust me you’ll stick on those rudiments longer at a pad without the distraction of the full kit. Pad playing can sometimes let you hear your stroke better too an help you spot inconsistencies in your playing.

The entry level Stagg pad does the job and costs less than an average pair of sticks, so theres no reason to get stuck straight in. At the other end of the scale are the Keo practice pads. With a beautiful wood surround and a great feeling pad it’s the poshest practice pad you will find.

We love the Gretsch practise pads with their eye catching design and great feel but you still have to decide if you’re going for the luxury of a large pad or the convenience of a small pad that travels easier.