Band and Orchestral Cymbals

Band and Orchestral Cymbals

Shop for Band and Orchestral Cymbals at Drum Central. We have a massive range from Sabian and Meinl. Everything you could need from beginner level school bands up to professionals working in the top orchestras. We offer great value with fast delivery.

Cymbals are an essential part of any bands or orchestra’s percussion setup and in order to give you the widest palette of sounds to choose from as possible we’ve amassed a huge collection of band and orchestral cymbals. Whether you’re looking for suspended cymbals or matched pairs of clash cymbals we’re sure we have what you need.

Brass cymbals like SBR are the cheapest type available but are a reliable option for those on a budget. Nearly indestructible and with the focussed sound of brass these cymbals are great for beginners as they can’t stand up to the occasional accidental drop.

More expensive pro ranges such as AA, HH, AAX and HHX are made from B20 bronze which gives them more projection and depth than cheaper cymbals. Ideal for professionals who want that high end sound, our huge range is bound to satisfy even the most discerning player.