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Drum Tuners

Drum Tuners

Drum tuners from top brands such as Drum Dial and Tunebot. Buy now and tune with certainty. Prices start from £64.99 with next day delivery available.

If you’re looking for drum keys to tune your drum with you can find them here.

Tuning drums can sometimes seem like a dark art. With so many variables that can all be affecting each other it can be hard for the human mind to keep track of it all. This is where drum tuners can be invaluable.

Since 2012 TuneBot has been the leading name in drum tuning. Able to accurately measure precise pitches at each tuning lug of the drum to provide perfect tuning every time it brought drum tuning into the digital age. Now with a wider range with TuneBot GigBot offering a simplified and lower cost option and the TuneBot Studio offering more features and memory for use wit several different kits drummers have a great range of choice.

Drum Dial is the original drum tuner and some may still say best. Although the TuneBot technology far surpasses the drum dial sometime simplicity and reliability wins. The Drum Dial doesn’t require batteries as it physically measures the tension of the head at the point that it rests with a weighted mechanism and displays it on an analogue display.

It’s worth noting that if you can bring your drum into our store in Edinburgh we would be happy to tune them for you for free.