Drum Kits

Full range of starter drum kits and shell packs from all the leading brands including British Drum CoGretsch, Ludwig, Mapex, Pearl, Tama and Yamaha. Scroll down to see the range or use the filter to narrow your options.

Whether you’re a beginner looking for your first drum kit, an intermediate ready to step up, or a professional looking for a new shell pack we’re sure to have the one for you.

Starter drum kits for beginners tend to come with everything you need to get playing drums. Subsequently they generally come with all hardware (cymbal stands, throne and kick pedal). As you go up in price range manufacturers begin to assume that you might have some of the gear already. For this reason some kits might not include a throne or kick pedal. If the kit is advertised as a shell pack then it comes with only the drums. Generally only tom mounts and bass drum spurs are included with shell packs.

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