Tom Packs

Tom Packs

Great deals on tom packs from Remo and Evans at Drum Central. Free 14″ snare heads with most packs! We offer great value and fast delivery.

Tom Packs can be a great way to save money on buying heads by changing them all at once. The price of a pack is always much cheaper than buying the heads individually and often amounts even to a free 14″ snare head.

Getting the correct tom sound can be a bit of an art form. Getting the correct balance of warmth whilst controlling the overtones can be difficult but we have every head you could need to bring the best out in your drum.

Remo are the leading name in snare drum heads. Their single ply Ambassador head and double ply emperor heads are trusted by drummers all over the world for their toms. They are not unrivalled though.

Evans have developed a huge loyal following of drummers who trust in their level 360 technology to provide an easier and more accurate tuning across the drum. Their EC2 ranges include built in dampening rings that have become a favourite of many drummers.

Most drummers change their toms heads whenever the coating on the head starts to come off or dents appear but this is actually a poor measurement of the life left in a head as they are often over stretched long before this. The Evans UV1 Coated heads actually won’t lose their coating ever! We recommend changing your heads at least every 6 months but this of course varies with frequency of use.