TnR Products Bootyshaker Isolation Mounts

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TnR Products is the brain child of professional musicians Rich Wiley & Toby Ahrens who invented BootyShakers to solve a common problem that plagues drummers everywhere.

Everyone who has ever owned a drum kit above entry level will know the lengths that drum companies go to, to increase the resonance of toms and let them sing. It seems like every brand has it’s own mounting mechanism and if they could, they would simply float them on a bed of air. Then you look at your floor tom and its just sitting on the ground. Your snare drum is in a basket that holds it from three different sides. What about the resonant potential of these drums.

Especially when losing resonance tends to mean losing low end response who wants to neglect the chance to get a more powerful floor tom or a fatter snare sound?

These Isolation Mounts for floor tom legs and snare basket arms are simple pieces of specially designed foam that insulate between the drum and the ground and allow free movement of the shell which is where the resonance comes from. Let your drums sing and grab a set today.

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    Estimated Delivery Date 26/05/2024