Wincent Rock Keys

Collect Wincent Rock Keys here. The ideal gift for any drummer. A drum key that fits on your key chain and opens your beer as well as it tunes your drum. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Other brands offer multi tools for drummers with tonnes of options but only Wincent have the attachment we all find ourselves needing back stage. A bottle opener!

Rock Keys are designed very much with the drummer in mind and making sure you have everything you need for a great show close at hand by adding it to your key chain.

Rock Keys now come in 3 different finishes. The original chrome, the "black beauty" in black chrome and the latest addition "The Relic" with it's vintage style finish. Choose one to fit your style!

Despite being designed to do three jobs in one, Rock keys are actually well designed for all of them. As a key chain their lightweight and slim line design isn't too bulky for your pocket, as a drum key they are ergonomically designed and fit in your hand easily and as bottle opener they are tough and reliable to get you in at the first time of trying.

Never be caught without the proper tools again.