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Stuart Copeland Lick – Drum Central Drum Lesson- w/ Rohan Bumbra

Stuart Copeland Lick – Drum Central Drum Lesson- w/ Rohan Bumbra

Rohan Bumbra with another drum lesson for you. This time examining a lick in the style of legendary police drummer Stewart Copeland, Copeland’s aptitude for blending reggage, jazz and punk styles all into commercially successful pop songs makes him a stand out drummer. In this lesson Rohan breaks down some of the tricks he used to play his unique style.

If you are finding this lesson a little bit difficult at the start then stay tuned until the end where Rohan demonstrates a simpler hand pattern that will get you used to leading with your left hand making the whole lick a lot easier to play.

At the end of this lesson Rphan demonstrates the delay effect that Stuart Copeland often uses in his recordings.

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Rohan Bumbra is a pro drummer and educator and will be featuring regularly on the Drum Central youtube channel with drum lessons, hints and tips and product reviews.

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