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Acme Whistles

Browse Acme whistles here. Ideal for samba bands as well as sports and all kinds of applications. Prices from £5.99 with next day delivery available.

Acme have been manufacturing whistles since the Hudson Brothers formed the company in Birmingham in the 1870. These days they are the worlds most famous whistle brand. Known for high quality and value for money.

Whistles make up an important part of samba bands adding a carnival feel to the sound of these percussion driven bands. Being a drum shop, we generally stock whistles with this use in mind.  The Acme Thunderer whistle with its nickel on brass design is equally popular with referees, P.E. teachers and sports coaches though and is seen as the industry standard for this application. It is waterproof so that it can be relied on not to let you down in even the harshest of conditions.

The Acme Samba whistle is a cheap and brightly coloured plastic whistle ideal to get you into the carnival feel.

If you're thinking a whistle doesn't require any musical skill to perform then try it for yourself. Whistling one pattern while maintaining a completely different pattern on your drum is an interesting challenge.