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DW 2000 Series

DW 2000 Series Bass Drum Pedals

Browse the full range of DW 2000 Series kick pedals at great prices at Drum Central. Free Delivery on orders over £100.

DW Kick Drum Pedals and are world renowned for being among the very best for every drummer. From the entry level 2000 series range through to the professional 9000 series and MFG ranges, quality, style and efficiency are always at the forefront.

Despite being DW's entry level range the 2000 Series pedals are far above what is normally considered an entry level pedal. If anything these are an intermediate pedal that could please even some professional drummers who enjoy the feel of single chain pedals.

DW 2000 series pedals come in a single and double configuration and there is also a very cool tambourine pedal as part of the range. Designed by Gregg Bisonnette for use on the Ringo Starr tour it is highly recommended for multi tasking drummers adding tambourine with their left foot.

All pedals feature a solid base plate complete with velcro and spikes to ensure that it won't slide anywhere no matter what surface you are playing on. They also have a lightweight "107 Flyweight" beater which is a lighter version of the standard 101 beater found on their higher end pedals.