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Next day delivery on a full range of Flix brushes and rods at Drum Central. Quality brushes in a variety of weights. Great for genres from Jazz to Rock.

The ability to play a range of drumming styles without having to change your setup is essential for most drummers. Flix are famed for their signature feel and balance, made with a range of materials specifically selected for their weight, flexibility and durability. Reduce the volume of your playing for those quieter moments, and expand your drumming vocabulary in new musical styles with these extremely versatile, subtle and expressive brushes and rods.

The most recent addition to the Flix catalogue is the Classic brush, designed with balance and feel in mind to even outperform the best wire brushes. The specifically selected fine and flexible fibres, push-pull retraction and extra long handles are just a few of the reasons these brushes are so popular amongst drum brush specialists and tutors. Other brushes available include the jazz and rock brushes, differing in number of fibres and weight for varying levels of volume.

The Flix Sticks are the most popular product they have on offer, regularly used in 'unplugged' sessions due to their versatile and expressive abilities, with adjustable tone rings to let you shape what sound they produce from your drums. Expand the range of sounds in your stick bag with Flix Sticks!