View a massive range of Kickport Bass Drum ports at Drum Central. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Kickport make make bass drum ports that go beyond simply protecting the hole in your bass drum. Their unique design actually lowers the fundamental note created by any bass drum its added to giving it more power and depth. You really have to hear these to understand how much difference a relatively small bit of plastic added to the resonant skin of your bass drum can actually make.

If you're struggling with a dull and lifeless bass drum and your experimentations with different heads and tunings just aren't doing it for you then a Kickport could be just what you need. They come in a huge range of colours and can become an attractive feature on the front of your drum kit.

The Cajon Port is another truly stunning adaptation of the Kickport that has to be heard to be believed. Turn any cajon into a bass monster with the simple addition of these cajon ports. Since proper bass response is normally difficult to get on cheaper cajons these can make low end cajons sound better than far more expensive cajons. If like many drummers you are using your Cajon as a bass drum at acoustic gigs then this is simply a must have. No more boxy kick sounds for you.