Pearl President Series Drum Kits

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A testament to Pearl’s 75 year odyssey of drum quality and advancement, Pearl President Series drums are a modern take on a familiar favourite.

Rereleased to celebrate 75 years of Pearl, the President Series Deluxe and President Series Phenolic capture the best of vintage Pearl and relaunch it into the modern age. Classic appointments like Pearl’s original battleship lug, the classic script Pearl logo and adjustable dampeners inside each tom makes for a real quality vintage feel. Each kit also  comes with a bass drum mounted cymbal stand, gull wing bass drum spurs and a classic felt bass drum muffling strips which really complete the vintage vibe.

President Deluxe Series revives the darkly unique tonality of Lauan Shells for a traditionally full, controlled playing experience. The limited edition Pearl President Series Phenolic utilises the unique benefits of hermetically pressurised Phenolic shells. This uniquely thin, thermo-layered solid material projects with a loud and impressive resonance that is extremely popular with collectors and players alike.