Browse ProMark drumsticks. Huge range of Shira Kashi Oak, Hickory, ActiveGrip and Firegrain sticks as well as Hot Rods Thunder Rods and Cool Rods. We offer great value and fast delivery.

ProMark was formed in 1957 and has been making high quality drumsticks ever since. They can list Ringo Starr, Mike Portnoy, Neil Peart, Phil Collins and the late Elvin Jones amongst the top name drummers that use their sticks.

ProMark have been behind some of the most important innovations in the world of drumsticks. Such as creating Hot Rods which give drummers the perfect middle ground option between sticks and brushes. Thunder Rods are a slightly heavier variant, whereas Cool Rods offer a lighter option, closer to brushes.

They were also the first company to successfully introduce oak drumsticks with their Shira Kashi Oak sticks becoming popular with many drummers. Oak sticks are a little bit heavier than maple sticks and provide a little bit more kick back off the drum due to the harder material.

Firegrain drumsticks are another interesting innovation from ProMark. These sticks are treated with fire in the final stages of production which not only makes them some of the hardest wearing sticks but also some of the coolest looking sticks out there.

ActiveGrip sticks are a great option for drummers who struggle with sweaty hands and holding onto the stick. As your hand heats the special ActiveGrip coating the stick gets tackier and easier to hold.