Full range of Puresound snare drum wires for any size of drum. Including the Custom, Custom Pro, Equalizer and Super 30 wires. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Puresound was formed in 1995 by Yoav DeBasc to address what he saw was an often overlooked area of snare drums at the time, snare wires. Through experimentation with different alloys and designs they drove a period of innovation for snare drum wires and these days are considered the leaders in the field.

If your snare drum didn’t come already fitted with Puresound snare wires (as many top snare drums do) then it is an upgrade worth considering. Their carefully designed brass wires are more sensitive, responsive and warmer than traditional steel wires.

Their Equalizer range seeks to solve the age old problem of sympathetic vibration from the snare drum while other drums or instruments are being played. By splitting the standard wire strand into two separate smaller strands this cuts out a huge amount of the problem. This makes them ideal for recording studio applications where separation is key.

For a really fat and full on snare sound. Try the Super 30 snare wires which feature 30 strands, for a full and warm sound.

The custom pro range comes with attachments built in, making it easier and more secure to attach to your drum. So you don’t need to fiddle around with snare cord.