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Tama Club-JAM, the modern travel drum kit with a vintage edge.

The Tama Club-JAM kit sets itself apart from the rest of the travel kit market with features borrowed from the vintage kits of bygone years. Featuring an 18″ bass drum and smaller sizes for the toms and snare, the Club-jam still manages to pack a punch to satisfy the working drummer. Built specifically for small stages and intimate settings the Club-JAM is the ideal choice for pub and small club gigs. The Club-JAM Suitcase Kit takes convenience to a new level with a bass drum splits open allowing you to transport all 3 drums inside each other. The Club-JAM Flyer kit features even smaller sizes with a tiny 14″ Bass Drum.

Tama Club-JAM kits come in a wide range of finishes including Satin Blonde, Candy Apple Mist, Galaxy SilverCharcoal Mist, Aqua Blue and Indigo Sparkle and can come with or without hardware. Club-Jam kits are available in either 2 piece, 3 piece or 4 piece configurations.