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Tune-Bot Drum Tuner

Tune Bot Drum tuners make the dark art of drum tuning as easy as can be. Stop guessing your tunings and pick one up here.

Tune-Bot make some of the most advanced digital drum tuners on the market. Bringing drum tuning into the 21st century, Tune Bot allows you to match tunings of lugs and even tune to specific notes.

They are now three different models of Tune Bot Drum tuner. The original tune-bot, the simplified tune-bot gig and the feature packed tune-bot studio.

The 'gig' model is designed to be an easier and quicker to use option for drummers at a venue who don't have time to make their way through a lot of menus, it is easy to use and compact so that it doesn't take up much space.

The latest addition to the lineup the 'studio' model is the most advanced tuner out there. With the ability to save tunings for several different kits or tuning styles it is designed with the producer or studio engineer in mind who may be regularly working with a host of different kits and may have specific sounds in mind that they would like to be able to return to.