DW 9000 Series Double Pedal Inc Case

DW 9000 Series Double Pedal Inc Case


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DW 9000 Series Double Pedal Inc Case

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DW Kick Drum Pedals and are world renowned for being among the very best for every drummer. From the entry level 2000 series range through to the professional 9000 series and MFG ranges, quality, style and efficiency are always at the forefront.

The 9000 Series is DW’s flagship range of industry standard setting kick pedals. You would be hard pushed to find better quality anywhere. The designers at DW have thought about just about everything. There’s a reason this range is played by so many of the worlds top players.

There’s simply no other pedal like the 9000. It is unbelievably light and soft but can deliver unbelievable power without losing any control. It is hugely customisable with all most every part of it adjustable to your unique requirements. None more so than the infinitely adjustable cam. While other pedals ask you to choose between pre-established cam shapes, the DW 9000’s cam can move in tiny little increments until you have exactly the attack and control that you desire.

DW 9000 Series Double Pedal Inc Case is The flagship of the DW pedal line-up, 9000 pedals feature patented innovations such as a free-floating rotor-drive system, rotating swivel spring and infinitely adjustable cam allowing a more direct transfer of energy that optimises the stroke for more power and precision. The Speed and Fluidity of both the 9000 and 9002 are due to a multi-bearing system that reduces friction and improves feel.

This pedal is also available in a singe kick configuration.

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