Big Fat Snare Drum specialise in drum dampening products that fit easily on top of your snare drum to give any drum that warm, fat, short, dry snare sound reminiscent of the 70s. We offer great value and fast delivery.

Unlike most drum dampening products these actually lower the fundamental tone of your drum. Having one of these as part of your gear can be as good as taking a second snare with you and an avenue definitely worth exploring before purchasing a second snare. Thanks to their solid design with a rubberised gasket they are easy to put on and take off of drums meaning they can be changed betweens the songs during a performance. Definitely easier than changing the actual drum.

The Original is as the name suggests the original design of these popular drum dampeners and remains the best selling however there are now many options for drummers to choose from. The Snarebourine adds jingles to that fat snare sound and the donut features a cut out section that reduces the overall effect of the product but allows you still play on the original drum head. The Medford Square goes in the opposite direction increasing the size of the rubberised gasket area and the overall weight giving an even more deep and dead sound.

Available in a range of sizes including studio packs for dampening an entire kit.