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Iconic British brand Carlsbro have been creating great sound since 1959, starting with all-tube guitar amplifiers that have been famously used by artists such as The Beatles, Mick Jagger and Oasis. Since then they have branched into electronic drum kits and specific drum amplification, with an extensive range including compact budget kits all the way up to professional level 9-piece kits.

The Carlsbro 100 Series are Carlsbro's entry level electronic drum kits they are perfect for beginner drummers who are after a great sounding kit that doesn't cost the earth. With 10 preset drum sounds built in these kits do everything a beginner needs and more

The CSD100 is entry level kit of the range. It is the cheapest drum kit we offer at Drum Central it benefits from a simple easy to use design and a button style kick pedal for low noise transference. Their is also a bonus pack version of this kit which includes a stool and headphones.

The CSD120 is the first kit that offers the easy fold away design that Carslbro 100 series kits are known for. It also features a button style kick pedal.

The CSD130 is the best selling drum kit in this range and is also one of the most popular kits we sell. With the same neat fold away design as the 120 and 130M models it is the first kit at this level to offer a hammer style kick pedal which offers an essential level of realism.

The CSD130M is very similar to the CSD130 but it features an upgraded snare with a mesh head. This is a great feature at this price point as it lowers stick noise and can be tensioned to feel more like a real drum head.