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Carlsbro 100 Series

Carlsbro 100 Series Electronic Drum Kits

Get a great deal on Carlsbro 100 Series Electronic Drum Kits with free delivery, free drum lesson over Skype and a years warranty with full support from the friendly Drum Central staff.

Iconic British brand Carlsbro have been creating great sound since 1959, starting with all-tube guitar amplifiers that have been famously used by artists such as The Beatles, Mick Jagger and Oasis. Since then they have branched into electronic drum kits and specific drum amplification, with an extensive range including compact budget kits all the way up to professional level 9-piece kits.

The Carlsbro 100 Series is Carlsbro's entry level electronic drum kits they are perfect for beginner drummers who aren't ready to splash out on a more expensive kit yet.

In store we generally recommend the CSD130 because it has a proper hammer pedal unlike the CSD100 or CSD120 which features button foot triggers. Button foot triggers are great for keeping downstairs neighbours happy as they make less noise but they lack a little realism which might annoy more experienced players. The CSD130M features an upgraded mesh head on the snare drum which makes it quieter and more realistic feeling.