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Carlsbro Electronic Drum Kits

British made Carlsbro electronic drum kits and drum amplifiers. Beginner to professional level electric kits from only £229.

Iconic British brand Carlsbro have been creating great sound since 1959, starting with all-tube guitar amplifiers that have been famously used by artists such as The Beatles, Mick Jagger and Oasis. Since then they have branched into electronic drum kits and specific drum amplification, with an extensive range including compact budget kits all the way up to professional level 9-piece kits.

The budget Carlsbro 100 series electronic drum kits start from just £229 for the Commander kit, with the compact option of the CSD120 Compact Electronic Commander in for easy storage whereas the CSD100 Commander includes the full four-legged frame. Both kits come with a foot switch for the bass drum rather than a beater, reducing external noise from the kit, designed with people living in a flat/apartment in mind. Headphone inputs for silent practice and option of output into an amplifier available.

The other end of the scale includes kits like the CSD600 9-piece electronic kit, with a full set of mesh dual-zone heads on the drums, dual-zone crash cymbal pad, triple-zone ride cymbal pad, and hi-hat pad with open close stand. The mesh heads allow for a much more natural feeling response from the drums, while also massively reducing the noise from the kit. These drum kits are designed for people looking for a high quality electronic setup for both live and practice use, giving you a setup as close to a real drum kit as possible in any setting.

Carslbro drum amplifiers start from only £129 for a 30 watt amplifier with a 10" bass  driver plus tweeter for a full and rounded drum sound.